Art Prize 2015

Something really awesome that I got to go to on Thursday (October 8) was this event called ArtPrize in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It’s a two and a half week international art competition in downtown Grand Rapids…FOR FREE! Anyone can enter to show off their talent. Not only are they showcasing their talents, but they also have the opportunity to win $200,000. Any art can be entered from 2-D art, wet media, installations, 3-D art, etc. To find out more and see the winner of this year’s Art Prize was click here. Also, because this event is spread throughout all of downtown, there are many different venues to go to. Some of the art is showcased in a museum or hotel lobby and others were outside. We didn’t only get to see ArtPrize art, but there was also street talent and street artists as well.

Me and a few girls from college took a day trip to Grand Rapids and I can’t even explain to you how many amazing works of art we saw. And let me tell you, it is definitely a weekend event. We were only there for a day and didn’t even see half of the artwork that was showcased. Luckily, we got to see a lot of the top 20 pieces, which was pretty cool. I definitely want to go back next year and the years to come! If you go to the link I mentioned earlier, it also lists future ArtPrize dates.

Of course, I took my camera, so here are some of the awesome art we saw as well as some street performers and other things that were artsy. 🙂

art prize (5 of 34)

So this wall below wasn’t actually part of ArtPrize, it was just some wall we came across that was perfect for taking some selfies. But I really love the vibrant colors and the stone. Also all the words that are hidden in it. There were also mirror pieces making the shape of a woman’s face.

embrace art prize (13 of 34)

Some of the art and installations had the actual artist there to talk with viewers, which was pretty awesome. We talked to the artist of this one for awhile and he told us his story and how he started doing all of this. This installation is hand ripped, even the fence…I was amazed. To see more of his art, click here.


This piece is called “As Above” by Judith Braun. It was AMAZING. She did all of this with charcoal and her fingers. To learn more about “As Above, click here.


art prize (10 of 34)

This is a linear masterpiece. At every angle you viewed it, you could see the colors and the lines.

color art prize (26 of 34)

“Whisper” was a time-based piece of art created by Emily Kennerk. She starts with having the table setting perfectly aligned. And with time, people “whisper” into a microphone that is hooked to an amp speaker to make the table ware vibrate. With time, the plates, silverware, and/or silverware, will fall to the ground and shatter. To read more about her art, click here.


“Movement” is also a time-based piece of art created by Craig Merchant. Personally, I don’t really understand this, but it was a Top 20 piece so obviously, it must be special. To read his statement, go here.

art prize (23 of 34)

art prize (22 of 34)

art prize (20 of 34)

This piece was also in the Top 20, called “Balancing Act” designed by Calvin Babich. To learn more about this piece, go here.

art prize (24 of 34)

art prize (28 of 34)


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